Provitas™ LLC converts oil soluble vitamins and other nutrients into water soluble emulsions & powders under the Nutrassential™ & Provitas™ brands. Nutrassential™ emulsions are designed for beverages where clear fortification of transparent beverages is required. Provitas™ standard vitamin emulsions are designed for milk and dairy foods fortification. As well, Provitas™ dries its emulsions into stable powders that disperse into cloudy or clear solution. Typical nutrients offered in emulsions or powders by Provitas are: vitamins D2, D3, A, natural E, synthetic E, K1, K2, CoQ-10, carotenoids, omega-3 PUFA's, CLA, plant sterols, and resveratrol. Provitas products are manufactured in cGMP, Grade A, kosher facilities in Dallas, Texas.


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